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Drimm Whitewolf

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PostSubject: General info   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:19 am

To all interested :

Nexus is a casaual , helpfull and friendly Kinship. We aim to make the game fun.

Our goal is to reach atleast 75 to 100 members so we can allways have enough players online to do anything we would set our mind on.

We got experienced players , we have been multiple times through the Rift and Helegrod and all moria instances including the Vile Maw where we downed the Watcher and any other non raid instance , so the tactics are well known to us.

We got a Kinship Hall in Flithurst , 9 Chestnut road in the Breeland Homesteads.

Also is there a dedicated ventrilo server up and running.

We still recruit any level , class or race, and alts are welcome to.

Most needed however are at the moment in order of urgency > Minstrells > Burglars > Champions > Captains.

If you are interested in joining our Kinship , make a post in the recruiting section or contact any Nexus member who will reffer you to an Officer online.


The Leadership of Nexus.
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General info
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