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 The history of Nexus

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Drimm Whitewolf

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PostSubject: The history of Nexus   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:23 am

Nexus as a guild was first formed in the early days of SWG on the Farstar Server, an Imperial Guild , we fought the pesky Rebels.
We based our town Emboo on the planet Naboo far out in the wilderness ( middle of map ) and due to a coalition formed (our idea ,and effort, later stolen as theirs by other guild) we prospered on Naboo, the Imperial faction held all towns except one , soon our arch enemies. The town Emboo was probably the most innovating and awesome looking town on the server, we found out that ya can build a wall around the town with medium houses, and fortified the only entrance and shuttleport with two huge imperial bases. It was an awesome town. Soon after the game lost interest due to various problems and we moved on.

So we moved to EQ2 , not much of a game which was quickly abandoned. So we moved on.

So we moved to WoW, at first Nexus did well there but our own succes got to us and the guild just grew to big to handle. But we played WoW for quite a while. But at some point it was enough, so we moved on.

So after much debate we moved to LotRO , at first many former members joined us there but a lot did not like the gameplay ( as if ya can really form an opinion after 6 to 8 Lvls) and they went back to boring WoW. Those left then were in a mostly dead Kinship and affraid Nexus this time had died an early death we joined another Kinship the Liberty Legion. But allthough we had fun there , nice people , nice Kin, a lot of us didn't feel at home or agreed to some rules or decisions. Never lost the control of good old Nexus , which grew in that time to Rank 9 . So we moved on.

So we moved back to Nexus , but this time we felt we would make every effort to make Nexus great again. We grinded cash , an awesome effort of about 31 g to buy a Kinship Hall in a nearly empty housing instance and move our houses there, done in about 10 days. After the decoration of the Kinship Hall was done and a ventrilo server and a forum set up, we felt it was time to restart and recruiting began.
For those wondering, your Leadership, Kinship Leader Drimm Whitewolf and Succesor Jala, are gonna make every effort to make sure that the name Nexus gets the stature it allways commanded, we WILL be great again. Maybe not in numbers nor in deeds but certainly in fun , which was allways Nexus its first and formost important goal.

So to ALL, lets do it , lets make Nexus GREAT again.


Drimm Whitewolf.
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The history of Nexus
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