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 Nexus Kinship rules

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Drimm Whitewolf

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PostSubject: Nexus Kinship rules   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:24 am

The rules are simple.

> Behave in a proper manner inside Kin and outside, your misbehaviour will reflect on all of us.

> Don't beg, ya can ask for stuff but no one likes a beggar.

> Never ever scam anyone, this WILL result in an IMMEDIATE kick from Kin.

> Don't swear or use strong language before 9 pm GMT , after that time ya can let go of that a bit but try to keep it clean.

Keep these simple rules and there will be no problem, break them and risk a ban from the Kin.

If you are absent for 30 days without any notification to an Officer , or post on forum , or if you are offline for a 100 days , even with notification , we will assume you won't be back and will be expelled from the Kinship. To avoid this for you and alts , give notification and put in Who is who thread a post with your alts , or just log on before that time expires.This is so the Kinpanel won't be cluttered up with loads of inactive members, we don't mind if ya take a break , just let us know that ya do take a break.
There will be NO exceptions to this rule !!!

Greetz ,

The Officers of Nexus.
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Nexus Kinship rules
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