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 Nexus creep tribe

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Drimm Whitewolf

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PostSubject: Nexus creep tribe   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:26 am

Ok , we started a Nexus members Creep Tribe , its a Warg Tribe only , called GaurHai , translated > The Werewolves.

Remember its a WARG ONLY Tribe !!!

Will make some people Officer tonight and then add here who to send tell if ya wanna join.

My Warg (rank 3 ) is Raww.

Jala's > Xciste

Leothalian's > Wargathon

Dalthamar's > Graww

Saunter's > Forgot his name lol.(not his name btw, REALLY forgot it (: ) I think it was Blackstalker.

Probably will make em all officer.


Drimm Whitewolf.
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Nexus creep tribe
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